Condos South of Main Street

Whereas most of Sarasota's condos are located in the direct downtown Main Street area, and North of Main Street, thats not to say that there are not some fantastic condos South of Main Street. The below properties are going to include two ( Central Park and Central Park 2 ) which are directly South of Main street, be we are also going to include the condos on Gulfstream Avenue. This is being done because, even though Gulfstream Avenue condos are close to downtown Main Street, they are about two blocks away and in the Southern portion of downtown when looking in relation to the condo properties right there surrounding Main Street itself. An example of a Main Street condo would be a Plaza Five Points, as opposed to one just two blocks to its South, such as Embassy House.


We have a page set up specifically for the condos on Gulfstream Avenue, but are going to include some here for your convenience. Take a few moments and scroll down to view the properties located downtown or close by. Shoulc you have any questions, or like to see units available for sale in a particular condo property, contact us or click on the FOR SALE? icon for prompt information. Want to see more details about any of the individual condo properties, click on the image to be taken to that condo's details page.


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